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Munciple Services Department
Executive District Officer

Nasim Ahmad


Executive District Officer Municipal Services is the head of this Department Who coordinates and supervises all the activities of this Department.

Functions & Responsibilites

Implementation of Government Instructions

Ensure compliance of instructions/directions from higher authorities Receive directions from higher authorities (government); Convey to lower formation and make sure its implementation; Guide and direct to sub-ordinate offices and give feedback to government.

Improvement of Environment
Enforcement of Environment Act Monitoring monthly progress and complaints; Protection, conservation, rehabilitation and improvement of the environment, prevention and control of pollution, promotion of sustainable development and matters concerned therewith.

Control of Fire Incidents
Supervise the Fire Services department to control over the fire incidents Receive reports regarding control of fire incidents by fire services department; Confirm information; Supervise overall activity of fire control up to control of the fire incidents; Ensure the maintenance of record of material, oil expenses; Collect charges; Perform any other emergency services

Solid Waste Management
Solid Waste Management including Hospital and Industrial Waste Plan for human friendly and sustainable environment; Manage the cleanliness of city; Ensure Sanitation and solid waste collection and sanitary disposal of solid, liquid, industrial and hospital waste.

Transport facility to general public
Member district regional transport authority Attending meeting of DRTA for issuing licences to bus/wagon stands and route permits

Inspection of work
To ensure the execution of the work according to the specification Inspection of schemes in presence of contractors and concerned officer and writing inspection notes.

Financial Management
Work as Drawing & Disbursing Officer and ensure efficient utilization of budget as per rules Prepare annual budget and perform the following functions; Identify financial needs; Supervise the expenditure; Take guide line/advice from higher authorities; Provide advice to subordinates; Submit the annual budget to EDO Finance; Get budget/release from district government; Spending budget on salary; Reconciliation of accounts on monthly basis; Ensure efficient execution of budget; Arrange annual audit and address the audit paras; Work as custodian of land, building, machinery/equipments and other assets; Maintain financial discipline in the capacity of DDO.

Development Schemes
Preparations of new schemes Identify and prepare new/up-gradation schemes according to needs of the department; Feasibility reports on BDD-4 for the new development schemes; Submission of new development schemes to the Works & Services department for technical sanction; Monitoring of the development schemes after execution; Procurement of the machinery, equipment, transport and furniture& fixtures etc. related to development schemes; Implement and monitor the development schemes approved by higher/competent authorities.

Human Resource Management
Work on different employees related affairs Maintenance of staff record pertaining to their leave, posting, transfer, training etc; Take disciplinary action for the maintenance of good discipline in the office; Review the annual performance of the subordinate staff and initiate and countersign their PERs/ACRs; Arrange employee training programmes; Participate in professional development programmes; Initiate own annual performance evaluation process through PER/ACR; Works as appointing authority of scale 1- 11 ; Set time bound work targets;  Evaluate staff performance against these targets; Perform any other human resource functions assigned by the higher authorities

General Administration
Perform general administration duties Ensure the maintenance of all record especially related to Government Projects; Timely submission of progress reports; Advising DCO, district Nazim on different policies; Carryout gvernment orders e.g. elections, protocols, public gathering, collective marriages, Ramadan bazaar, hajj camp, polio campaign, wheat procurement, emergency handling, provision of vehicles; Conduct staff meetings; Perform general administration duties such as public dealing, attend meetings and special duties/task assigned by the higher authorities

National Service
Arrange for National services Perform and make sure staff execution during Election and Referendum duties; Celebrate the National and International days with the coordination of different departments, agencies and NGOs; Perform special assignments during unforeseen calamities and at the time of declaration of any emergency in the country.

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