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Revenue Department
Executive District Officer
Mian Muhammad Ali Baloch

Before the promolgation of Local Govt Ordinancr 2001 Deputy Comissioner was over all incharge of the District and had to perform multifarious duties in the capacity of Deputy Commissioner District Magistrate, and Collector of the District. After the seperation of judiciary and administration the judicial powers have been transferred to the judiciary. In the present system of Local Government Executive District Officer Revenue has been assigned important responsibilities of Land Revenue Estate, Consolidation, Colony Matters, Relief and Revenue collection.

Functions & Responsibilites

Colonization of Government Lands

Subject to law and policy of the Government / Board of Revenue:

Lease of state land and nazul land. Determining eligibility of lessees and other grants for grant of proprietary rights under specific terms and conditions and passing of orders accordingly. Execution of deeds of conveyance regarding state land on behalf of the provincial government. Operation of Killa gift fund. Determination of right of return of land under the Thul Development Act, 1949 and passing of orders accordingly. Allotment of state land under rural housing schemes. Maintenance of record of all state land. Maintenance of accounts in prescribed ledger of receipts on account of lease/ sale of state land.

Land Reforms
Subject to law and policy of the government / Punjab Land commission:

Determination of holdings of persons affected by ceiling fixed under land reforms and resumption of excess land in favor of provincial government Payment of compensation for resumed land. Allotment of resumed land to tenants and other eligible persons. Maintenance of accounts in prescribed format. Record of resumed land and allotment thereof.

Consolidation of Land Holdings.
Subject to law and policy of government:

consolidation of land holdings. matters relating to appeals etc. against the orders of consolidation officers.

Subject to law and policy of government:

taking preventing and protective measures against floods and rains. recommendations seeking an area to be declared as calamity hit. Distribution of relief funds and goods to the calamity affecters and maintenance of accounts regarding such distribution. matters concerning rehabilitation of behari repatriates from Bangladesh. maintenance and operation of PLA under head 481 relief measures. After an area is declared calamity affected, exercise of delegated powers under section 4 of the Punjab natural calamities (prevention and relief) act, 1958. by the District coordination officer.

Subject to law , policy and guide-lines of government / board of revenue:

Assessment and collection of land taxes, cesses, and agricultural income tax. Land surveys and record of rights including restrictions on transfer of title. Alienation of revenue. Punjab abolition of Jagirs act, 1952 endowment of land for religious purposes escheats pre-emption law Punjab alienation of land act 1900 Matters relating to shamilat deh.

Revenue field staff and District establishment ministerial matters connected with terms and conditions of their service, training, pay and allowance, promotions, leave, posting and transfers under rules, delegation of powers rules/ service rules etc. except those entrusted to services and general administration department. Taccavi for land improvement and other agricultural loans.

Moneylender’s ordinance and usurious loans ordinance, 1959. West Pakistan relief of indebtedness ordinance, 1960.

Land acquisition act, 1894 and rules made there under. Demarcation and rectangulation of land. Lessees of ferries and bridges. Stamp act, 1899. Registration act, 1908. Delivery of copies of documents under rules. Act and rules in respect of court of war\eds encumbered and attached estates. Government estates. Land laws. Settlement and re-assessment. Tenancy leas and relations between landlords and tenants. Suspension and remission of land revenue and water rates. Crop reports. Muslim personal law (Shariat application) act, 1962. All matters relating to District / Tehsil office buildings, etc except actual construction, maintenance and repairs. Malba cess fund. Lanbardars. Cattle census. Punjab redemption and restitution of mortgaged land act, 1964. Evacuee property and displaces persons laws(Repeal) act 1975. Purchase of stores and capital goods for the Distrit. Budget and accounts. Original, appeal and revisional jurisdiction. Expenditure. 512-land management (Land record and colonization). 023- tax management (4-stamps) 023- tax management (Registration) 529-Hill torrent establishment. 10-District administration 10-sub divisional establishment. 10-copying agency establishment. 575-stationery agency establishment. Demarcation of indo Pakistan boundary Receipts 0113-agricultural income tax 0124-land revenue 0270-stamp duties 0123-tax on transfer of property (registration) 1231- sale proceeds of unclaimed and escheated property court fees realized in cash. 1262- embankment and drainage works. Direct receipts-hill torrent/sale of water.

1264-stationery sale of plain paper used with stamps 1264- sale proceeds of chequebooks supplied from stamp stores. 1300- miscellaneous receipts examination fee for examination of naib Tehsildars. Kanungos and patwaris. 1300- miscellaneous receipts. 1390- other sale of land and houses. 1390- copying agency accounts. 1320- extra ordinary receipts. excise and taxation Assessment and collection of taxes/duties and fees devolved to District Government. entertainment duty property tax. real estate agents/motor vehicles dealers. any other local taxes assigned by District Government. Collection of federal and provincial taxes as directed.

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