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General Statistics of Faisalabad


The total area of the District is of 58.56 square kilometer. It lies between longitude 73 o and 74 o East, latitude 30 o and 31.5 o north, at an elevation of 605 feet above sea level. There is no natural boundary between Faisalabad and the adjoining Districts. Faisalabad is bounded by Hafizabad and sheikhupura towards north and northeast, by sheikhupura, okara and sahiwal towards east and southeast, and by Jhang and Toba tek singh towards west and southwest. FDA’s notified controlled area is 1280 sq. km. River chenab flows about 30 km in the north west while river ravi meanders about 40 km off the city in the south east. Lower Chenab canal is the main source of irrigation water, which meets the requirements of 80% of cultivated land. The soil of Faisalabad comprises of alluvial deposits mixed with loess having calcareous characteristics. The soil is generally fertile.


The climate of Faisalabad is extreme with very little rainfall. The maximum temp in summer rises up to 48 o C and minimum temperature in winter goes down to 04 o C. the present average rainfall is 40 mm which is more then twice the average rainfall prevalent 40 years ago.


The population of Faisalabad was 2152401 in 1951, which had jumped to 5429547 during 1998, an increase of 150% in 47 years showing in average increase of 3.2 % per annum. Faisalabad city, which had a population 9171 in 1901 jumped 179000 in 1951, had further jumped to 2009000 during 1998 census. The total increase in 47 years is 1000%, which is 21.3 % per annum.

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