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Works & Services Department
Executive District Officer

Rana Muhammad Ghous

Functions & Responsibilites
  • Spatial planning and development

  • District roads and Buildings
  • Planning, designing, construction. Equipment maintenance and repairs of all government buildings residential including rest houses.
  • Evaluation fixation of rent control management lease and sale of government buildings.
  • Water supply and sanitary works pertaining to government buildings and government estates except provincial assets and those assigned under main heading S & GAD under S. No. 24 in the schedule – II of the Punjab Government Rules of Business, 1974.
  • Administration of West Pakistan Highway Ordinance, 1959 (amended) wherever it pertains to District.
  • Laying stands and specification for various styles of roads and bridges for the District.
  • Planning and designing roads and connected works for the District roads financed from District / provincial and / or central funds.
  • Construction, maintenance, repairs and improvement of roads, bridges, culverts, causeways, boat bridges and ancillary bridges for the works and services department financed from District /provincial and/or central funds.
  • Administration of roads, bridges and boat bridges toll collection and leases of land for filling/ service stations and access roads thereof on roads under the control of District.
  • District testing laboratories for works.
  • Execution of works on behalf of other agencies/departments as deposit works.
  • Preparation of architectural plans / drawing of buildings.
  • Service matters except those administration department.
  • Purchase of stores and capital goods for the District Government.

  • Environment

To assist provincial environment protection agency in discharge of its functions under the Pakistan Environmental protection Act, 1997.
To exercise the personal administration and financial management of the subordinate staff.
To regulate motor vehicles subject to the provisions of the Pakistan environmental protection act, 1997 and the rules and regulations made there under.
To ensure guide and assist the proponents of new projects in submission of Initial environmental examination / Environmental impact assessment to the DG Punjab for approval.
To ensure implementation of environmental protection and preservation measures in all development projects at the District level and to sensitise government agencies on environmental issues.
To identify the needs for legislation in various sectors of the environmental matters.
To encourage the formation and working of non-governmental organizations, to prevent and combat pollution and promote sustainable development.
To request the environmental magistrate on the environmental tribunal to take cognisance of and offence friable under the provisions of the PEPA, 1997.
To submit quarterly progress reports and consolidated annual report to the DG Punjab EPA.
To enlist the support of government departments at District level notable the education and health institute in campaigns for building public awareness.
To influence the working procedures and programmes of various agencies and departments in the District to support environmental protection programme and to incorporate environmental safeguards in their own systems.
To under take any other duties and functions as assigned by the DG Punjab environmental protection agency and / or provincial government

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