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Schools in Faisalabad
National Grammer School
  Address 17-KM Near Colonel Hospital,Jahangir Kalan, Samundri Road Dasuha
  City Faisalabad
  Phone # +92-41-2671168

New National Foundation School
  Address House No.379 Gali No.7 Mohalla Punj Peer Jhang Road
  City Faisalabad
  Phone # +92-41-2554870

Pace Foundation School
  Address Nibge Office Jhang Road
  City Faisalabad
  Phone # +92-41-2554535

Pioneer School
  Address Street No. 13, Nisar Colony
  City Faisalabad
  Phone # +92-41-2665193

Principal Ghazali School
  Address Adda Ck.No 79 Jb, Dijkot Road
  City Faisalabad
  Phone # +92-41-2676973

Rabia Public School
  Address 7 Gulshan Cly
  City Faisalabad
  Phone # +92-41-2614927

Royal Grammar School
  Address P-374, Amin Town ,Al-Kausar Road
  City Faisalabad
  Phone # +92-41-8756699

Shaheen Syed Public School
  Address P-54, Shalimar Park ,D Type Colony
  City Faisalabad
  Phone # +92-41-2666483

The City School
  Address East Canal Road, Near Raza Garden
  City Faisalabad
  Phone # 041-8522490, 041-8522890
  Contact Person Ahmad Hayat (0321-6652023)
  Designation Manager Admin

The Educators (Fatmeed Campus I )
  Address 884 Amin Town Canal Road
  City Faisalabad
  Phone # 041-8750155

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