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Filling In Your Eyebrows

Brush brows downward with a dry, mascara-like wand. To define the arch, use the pencil to draw a line along the upper edge of the brow. Comb the brows upward and outward.

If brows have been severely overtweezed, brush the hairs in the direction of the growth, and fill in any visible patches with powder. Avoid adding to the top or bottom of the brows.

Control Your Brows

• Brush brows straight up and then check for hairs that are too long.
• Snip any offending hair one at a time with a small pair of scissors.
• Brush brows downward and check again.
• Repeat the previous step, snipping any hair that seems to be too long.
• Brush brows into place and check for any hairs that still might need attention.
• Continue brushing and snipping until your brows can be brushed into place naturally.

Perfect Eyebrows

Brush brows upward. Carefully trim any excess hair above the top of your natural arch. Be careful not to take off too much at the ends or you'll have brow "bald" spots.

Fill in sparse areas with a freshly sharpened brow pencil; use light, quick strokes to draw in hair. Brow powder will give thin brows overall definition, and is great for a more natural look. Using the brow brush, sweep powder up and outward over brows. If you're a brow novice, a tinted brow gel is a foolproof way to keep brows in place. Lightly coat brows using upward and outward strokes. Wipe off any excess and allow it to set.

Brow Color

Did you know that brows should be a little lighter than your hair color? Yes, it's true...about two shades.However, if you are blond or gray, the opposite is true.

Brow Color

Did you know that brows should be a little lighter than your hair color? Yes, it's true...about two shades.
However, if you are blond or gray, the opposite is true.

Are You Happy With The Look of Your Brows?

If you have tried and tried and just can't get them right, perhaps a trip to the salon is in order. Have a staff member wax your brows (it doesn't take very long) and it will show you exactly what they could look like. After that, all you need to do is a little maintenance every week.

Brow Shapes For Very Small Eyes

The last thing you need is heavy looking brows. Slowly remove some of the excess from the bottom of the brow.

Brow Shapes For Wide Set Eyes

Follow the same instructions as those given for close set eyes but begin the brows just a little closer to the nose.

But it Hurts

If plucking is just a little more painful that you can stand, you can apply a little Ambesol (from the drugstore) to numb the area.

Dyeing Your Eyebrows

Don't attempt this at home. It a very dangerous thing to attempt that could result in blinding yourself. I'm including this tip because a reader asked for my thoughts on trying it themselves. I suggest checking out your cosmetic counter for the brow color that comes in tubes just like mascara. It will only take you seconds to apply and there is not danger.

Eyebrow Tip

Did you know that your eyebrow is supposed to start directly above the inner corner of your eye? The hightest point should be just a little beyond the outer corner of the iris and should taper off to the end! So now you know!

Soothe Those Brow Tips

If your Brow Tips Tips are red and irritated from plucking, soothe the area with the help of a few cool, wet, tea bags. It will help immediately.

Sparse Eyebrows

One you have overplucked your brows, they simply might not grow back. So what do you do about sparse looking brows? Try this. Brush the brows down and then with an angled brush, apply a little color along the top of each brow. Carefully brush brows back into place and check to see if there are any gaps. If so, touch them up with a little powder and then set with a bit of gel on a brush or clear mascara.

Toothbrush Those Brows

If you are having trouble taming those brows, here is another little trick. Take a toothbrush and spray with a little hair spray and then brush on brows. The stickiness of the hair spray will help keep them in place.

Trimming Brows

This is another alternative to tweezing. Brush them up and the really long hairs will be very visible. Instead of tweezing and creating a hole, snip it with a pair of tiny scissors. Works wonderfully.

When Not To Pluck

Try not to pluck right before your period. If it's going to hurt, this will be the time.

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