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Admit it girls, we all fancy our celebs. The glitz of their glamorous world attracts us - what they wear, where they shop, what they dream of, their love-interests, their favourite things - we love to get the scoop. Annie Ali khan, who started out as the leading lady for Shehzad Roys 'Saali video and has made it big in the fancy entertainment industry over a short period of time. A computer engineer by qualification, she surprisingly got herself a modelling assignment and then acting offers when she took her younger brother to a modelling agency for an audition. But, now she has some top most fashion shows and commendable dramas to her credit. If you are thinking that’s it... so you are wrong! She is even hosting shows for a local music channel and is mesmerising the people with her unpretentious approach and girl next door looks. Read on more to know about this pretty girl...

I wish I could?
See what’s at the end of the universe and even beyond?

One person I would love to dine out with?
Mohsin Hamid

My worst nightmare?
To stop believing in people

My definition of love is?
It is a feeling when your heart takes over you

One thing I hate about myself?
My indecisive nature which gets me in trouble at times

Something I would like to forget?
My adolescence! I wasn’t the prettiest kid while I was growing up

Something I would like to remember?
The time I spent with my grandfather

My strength?
My belief in the kindness of humanity

I regret?

I feel over the cloud nine when?
My hard work gives results better than I’ve anticipated it to

I feel dejected when?
I am termed as wrong for no reason

Something that I am strongly possessive about?
My family

I get turned on by?
A free mind and spirit

When feeling low I prefer?
Ice cream, great music and solitude

The most unforgettable moment of my life was?
When I won an award for my debut music video. Of course, I was the model not on vocals

I am touched by?

If I could be another person I would like to be?
Myself again

What bores me the most?
Playing safe

My favourite love-lore?
The one in which I will be playing a part

My message?
Believe in yourself and the fact that anything is possible as long as you know it is right for you. The world is an illusion and we create our own destinies

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