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Are You Blushing?

Did you know that there is nothing like a little blush to perk you up after a long day at the office. You might be feeling exhausted, but you would be surprised what a little blush will accomplish. Carry it with you at all times.

Combining The Colors You Have

Do you have a few of shades of blush in your makeup collection? Most of us do, so try combining the colors to make new ones. The possibilities are endless. Try combining pinks and peaches together. You will be surprised at the shades you can create.

Do I Add More?

There are two ways to know if you have enough blush to perk up your coloring. Either wait until all of your makeup is in place and then apply your blush or, apply a first layer of blush and then check it again when your makeup is complete to see if the intensity is right. It's your choice. Both will work.

Don't Put Blush Here

Don't be tempted to put blush on your chin. I know that it seems to give a sun kissed look but your neck is usually lighter than your face and the blush is going to draw your attention to this fact in a big way. You can put a dusting of blush on the tendons below the ears however! It can be a very pretty touch.

Dramatic Cheekbones

Before you turn to sculpting perfect cheekbones, finish your eye makeup and your lipstick application so that you can judge the correct amount of color required. It will be very easy to use too much. You are after balance and this can be done if the eyes and lips are taken care of first.

How are Blusher Gels Different?

Gel blushes are for the very young or those with impeccable skin. It will look as if you aren't wearing a thing and the touch of color will look so natural. They don't seem to have the lasting power of the cream and powder combination.

How To Tone Down Blush

Did you make a bad purchase? According to Gale Hayman, author of "How Do I Look", sometimes brushing a little face powder over the bright blush will tone it down nicely.

Life Expectancy of Blush

A good rule of thumb is to toss it after 6 months. I know that the compact won't be close to empty but six months is plenty long enough to transfer bacteria to the powder and you don't want to transfer that to your face. Just a little scratch is all it would take to start an infection. And keep your blush brush as clean as possible!

Make Your Blush Last Longer

It doesn't take as long to sweep a little powdered shadow onto your cheekbones, but it just doesn't last very long. Try this instead. Smooth on a little cream blush and then apply the powdered shadow in the same shade family and watch how long the color lasts now.

Makeup Tip

Blush can be a nightmare for some. Just where exactly does it go? Well, in a nutshell, here goes. You look for the fullest part of your cheek and thats where your blush goes. Take your blush brush and sweep the color back toward the temple. Its that simple. Now, here is a little trick. Once you have your blush in place, take a cotton ball and blend until you have just a hint of natural looking color. Subtle is the key word here. No strips of color please.

Natural Looking Blush

There are lots of little tricks to use with blush. Here's one of them. Apply it after your moisturizer but before your foundation. This technique will give you a natural glow of color that is very subtle.

Should I Suck In My Cheeks?

I see this so often when I'm at the mall. Women apparently think that they are supposed to suck in their cheeks and then sweep a band of color beneath their cheekbones. Apparently, that is exactly what it looks like. I don't know who made up that rule of application, but it doesn't work. Color should be applied on the apple of your cheek and then blend the color up to your hairline.

Staying Power Blush Tip

If your blush won't stay on it could be because your skin is too oily. Try using a mild astringent on the cheek area before applying the blush. Start out with a cream blush, topped off with a little powder and top it off with a dry blusher. Remember to blend it well.

What Color is My Natural Blush Color?

You want a color that is natural but have no way of knowing what that color might be?? Here's a quick way to find out. Check out your face when you come in from the cold. You will see your natural color AND you will see where you blush naturally as well.

Why Don't Blushers Stay On

Have you asked yourself this question a million times? Okay, here is what could be causing your problem. You have oily skin. You might want to use a mild astringent before you put on your makeup. Now for the blusher. If you love cream blushers like I do, all is not lost. You can still use it. Just be sure to apply a light layer of face powder over the cream blush followed by a layer of dry blush. Using two different textures will ensure that the color lasts as long as you want it to.

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