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Natasha Torkhildsen
Your date of birth and star?
Its actually the 29th of feb but i celebrate it on the 28th.

Which color do you like wearing most?
Your favorite Pakistani singer?
Currently fariha pervaiz. and overall nazia hassan.

How long have you been involved in media?
Since i was a child.

Tell us something about your family?
My family is anglo-pakistani heritage.

What is your hobbies , favorite food and season?
My hobby is the same as my proffesion and its "music" well i am a very good cook my self so i cook up what ever I or my friends and family desire.but over all its thai and pakistani as for my favourite season its "winter".

Five thing you cant live without?
they would be Air, water,food,family and friends.

Describe your personality in three words?
Bubbly,friendly and easy going.

How much you acquire your education?
I am a proffesional " graphics designer " apart from being a singer.

Your future plans?
To release my album , and to provide my fans with good music.

What kind of people you like?
People who are honest and who dont have hidden agendas.

Have you ever fall in love?
Yes i am in love with life.and all the things that God has given us.

Tell us something about the video shoot of Sapnoo Mein?
Sapno main was my second video it was directed by jawad basheer as was my first video. it was shot in a cinema house
which was shut down since two three years.when we went there for shooting i thought that there would be rats in the hall .But thank God there were none there, we started shooting at 7 in the evening and finished at 4in the morning.
as usual jawad did a great job and made a wonderful video which has been well liked. the lyrics and composition is by
raju of R&B and the music arrangement is by shumair.

Who writes a lyrics of your songs?
Mostly the compositon and lyrics are by Raju and shumair

Do you have any musical education?
Currently i have an USTAD " ustad Aslam" who teaches me.

What kind of music do u prefer to sing?
Music is music but at the moment its just pop that i am concentrating on.

Tell us about ur 1st recording experiance of ur Debut track (Bao Jee)?
Well " bau jee " is my first video but not my first audio track i had already done a nazia hassans "ankhain milaney waly" in re-mix and a few other songs as well. but bau jee was my first punjabi tarck , and since i am anglo-pakistani the whole song was written into roman english so that i could sing it . it was fun and also that i was very lucky to have my support team who helped me with the accent and all and the video was great as well as it was shot in a red telephone booth and people remember the video because of that booth.

Where do u find urself after 5 yrs?
Hopeully very succsessfull.

Do you believe that music is the best source of express your feelings?
Well there are many ways to express yourself it can be writing or painting as well as acting and other arts. but music these days is combination of good lyrics , good acting a must for videos and stage preformance, good grooming and of course a good voice . its a whole entertainment package.

Your favorite tv show?
The ones i host my self.

Any message to your fans?
Well i would like to thank them for there support and hope u guys keep backing me because an artist is only succsessfull because of the fans.

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