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sdGeo TV or GEO Television

Type: cable television network
Branding: GEO TV
Country: Pakistan
Availability: Pakistan, Europe, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Middle East
Founded by: Mir Shakil ur Rehman
Slogan: Har Pal Geo
Owner: Mir Shakil ur Rehman
Launch date: October 1, 2002

It is a Pakistani television network founded by Mir Shakil ur Rehman in May 2002. GEO TV belongs to Independent Media Corporation, owner of the Jang Group of Newspapers. The channel started its test transmission on August 14, 2002, whereas regular transmission began from October 1, 2002.

In Urdu, the national language of Pakistan, the word geo translates to live on in English. Geo's name may come from the fact that it utilizes a geosynchronous orbit satellite for its transmissions.

GEO TV started with its flagship channel of GEO TV, but later branched out it into two channels, GEO News and GEO Entertainment respectively. Later it also launched other entertainment and sports channels.

GEO News: Geo News was established as independent channel when GEO Network branched out its channels in 2005. GEO News is a Pakistan based Urdu News Channel, and rated as on the most popular news channels in Pakistan.

GEO Entertainment: Geo Entertainment was established as independent channel when GEO Network branched out its channels in 2005. GEO Entertainment is a Pakistan based entertainment channel showing Dramas, musical programs, feature movies, primarily in Urdu Language.

GEO Super: GEO Super is twenty-four hour sports channel, launched by GEO Network in September 2006. Programming content includes variety of sports from around the world, focusing mainly on cricket, with a secondary focus on boxing, football and field hockey. Geo Super is also licensed to broadcast Twenty20 cricket matches.

AAG TV: AAG TV is twenty-four hour channel focusing on programs for youth in Pakistan. AAG TV was launched in September, 2006 by GEO Network.

GEO English: Geo English is the English version of GEO News to be launched soon by GEO Network. It is currently in test transmission.

Geomentry - Documentary channel: International editions include: GEO UK, GEO USA, GEO Middle East, GEO Canada, GEO Europe and GEO Japan.

Sensationalism: Geo TV has been criticized by the Pakistani government as well as sections of the general public who say the channel promotes sensationalism in order to increase revenue and popularity. Further, some say the channel reports primarily negative news regarding Pakistan, resulting in a generally depressing and pessimistic viewership experience. However others point out that it is not a journalists' mandate to propagate positive news at the cost of reality which may be negative (see propaganda).There was criticism from the Pakistani government for the channel's coverage of the 2005 earthquake in Kashmir, as GEO's coverage of the tragedy included disturbing scenes of victims and disaster zones. The channel's insistence that it is merely exercising freedom of speech is often criticized for being ignorant of ethical limitations and normal codes of conduct and behaviour.

Shahid Masood: A notable target of criticism is Shahid Masood, whose anti-government views are seen as excessive and ignorant of positive advances the government has made. Masood and the GEO News program were the reasons cited for the government's ban of the channel during the Emergency of 2007.

Hamid Mir: Hamid Mir, host of the popular GEO political talk show Capital Talk, confirmed in an interview with the CBC the strong political views he portrayed on television. It further raised doubts of Mir's ability to present fair and balanced news items.

Website: During the temporary removal of the channel, GEO opened a web page, Support GEO, for viewers to write messages of support, which would be approved for public viewing. Negative comments about the channel's practices, or justification of its removal from Pakistani television, were rejected. Given the channel's claims of championing democracy, GEO's refusal to recognize criticism of itself were seen as hypocritical. A blog, titled Musharraf Supporters, was started in response to accommodate those whose opinions were rejected on GEO's website and would like their criticism published.

Benazir Bhutto assassination: Shortly following the assassination of former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto, GEO released a ten second video clip which showed a large number of people running away from the sound of shots being fired, followed by the sound of the suicide bombing. The clip was played repeatedly on GEO TV without delay for several minutes. was forwarded to the Jang Group website, where an online version of the video clip had been uploaded with the link entitled "Benazir Last Moments Video!" The handling of the video by GEO raised further questions of its professionalism as a news agency and its ethical responsibilities.

Technical: The channel's broadcast facilities are based at Dubai Media City in the United Arab Emirates and its uplink teleport station is Samacom, the uplink provider in the UAE.
The channel is simultaneously broadcast online at GEO is currently on the 4154/H/4410 frequency on IS7/10.

Awards: A documentary by GEO covering water scarcity in the Indus river delta won "The Special Prize of H.S.H. Prince Rainier III" at the Monte Carlo TV Festival.
GEO was awarded a special award in 2005 at the Nouticaslo TV festival. On April 20, 2004 at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas, Mir Ibrahim Rahman, chief executive of Geo TV, received an International Broadcast Excellence Award for the impact the channel has had on Pakistan.

Corporate logos and slogans:

The following is the mission statement by GEO TV: "GEO will be the voice of freedom from the Asian subcontinent. It will highlight the issues of concern and the cultural richness of its people through information, discussion and entertainment. GEO will propagate transparency of responsibility that will ensure its position as the most credible and meaningful source of information, through quality programming based on issues."

Temporary ban: On November 3, 2007, the Pakistani government halted the transmission of GEO News. Following the controversial suspension of the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry by President Pervez Musharraf, GEO News began drawing international attention to the fervent demonstrations against Musharraf. The suspension of GEO News broadcasts was followed by a new ordinance by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) that introduced a code of conduct, increasing the liability of each channel over their broadcasts.

Pakistanis were still able to watch GEO through satellite and high speed broadband access until November 16, 2007, when the channel was completely removed off the air, as authorities in Dubai concluded that the channel had failed to meet certain media regulations and broadcasting standards of Dubai Media City, in the United Arab Emirates.

Geo TV was shut down by Dubai authorities on 17 November 2007 when they ordered satellite uplink to be switched off. The station had been banned in Pakistan since November 3rd. However, the station has continued to be available in Internet through Internet streaming.

Transmission of the Geo News channel was restored by Dubai Media City (DMC) and IMC Dubai authorities from midnight 29 November 2007.

On 19th January, 2008, after 77 days, President Pervez Musharraf held successful talks with GEO TV Administration and ordered relevant authorities to immediately relay the transmission of said channel. Geo News, and Geo Super resumed transmission on January 21, 2008. top back

sARY Television Network

Type: Cable television network
Branding: ARY Digital
Country: Pakistan
Availability: Worldwide
Founded by Abdul Razzak Yaqoob
Market share: 20 million households in Pakistan
Owner: ARY Group
Key people: Salman Iqbal (CEO)
Javed Hassan Ansari (COO)
Launch date: 2000
Former names: The Pakistani Channel
Dish Network (USA) 621
Virgin Media (UK) 818
Rogers Cable (Canada) 627
Telus TV (Canada) 525
Affiliates FTV Pakistan
Nick Pakistan
HBO Pakistan
Al Jazeera Urdu
Desh TV
National Geographic Channel
Sony Entertainment Television

It a subsidiary of the ARY Group, is a popular Pakistani television network available in Pakistan, the Middle East, North America, Europe and Australia. The ARY Group of companies is a Dubai-based holding company founded by a Pakistani businessman, Haji Abdul Razzak Yaqoob (ARY). The network caters to the needs of South Asians, particularly the Pakistani diaspora. The channel is considered a pioneer in Pakistani media and broadcasting and has an expanding network of channels, each with an independent focus.

History: ARY, formerly the Pakistani Channel was launched in the United Kingdom in December 2000 to cater to the growing demands of South Asian entertainment in the region. Within a short span of three years, the unique proposition and the content of the channel resulted in massive popularity and, in order to enable greater expansion and broadcast into other countries, the operations were moved to Dubai Media City. The uplink teleport station it uses is Samacom, a monopolising uplink provider based in the UAE.

This one-screen TV business grew into a network of channels beaming into over 130 countries.But not yet launched its transmissions in Australian continent. The network, at present, undoubtedly stands as one of the fastest growing Asian television networks in the world at the current moment.

The network was successful in acquiring a license for DTH operations in Pakistan, considered a milestone for media in the ever-growing broadcast television market of Pakistan. Since then the network started to commit itself to the continuous development of Pakistan’s media market. The network now boasts a potential market size of more than 20 million households.

The ARY Group, owners of the network, announced the launch of the ARY Digital Tower, one of the tallest media buildings in the UAE. The project is to stand a mammoth 44- to 45-storey broadcasting tower that will house the studios and corporate-head office of all the network’s operations. Construction of the tower, overseen by esteemed Adnan Z. Saffarini of Dimensions Engineering Consultants, is expected to end by 2008.

ARY pioneered and set standards in television programming in Pakistan and all over the world. In 2002, The ARY Star Gold Quiz Show set new standards in the game-show broadcast history being the first live show ever offering a hefty prize of one kilogram of gold. For the period of its transmission, participants won over 260 kilograms of gold. Undoubtedly the highest stakes of any game-show in the history of South Asian Television. Partly due to the ban on Indian channels around the time, helped the channel grow popular by the day. The network in 2005 obtained the rights to show Live 8 on its sister music channel, The Musik. The channel also held rights to the Who Wants to be a Millionaire franchise for Pakistan.

On October 18, 2007 most of the ARY news team, covering former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's arrival from exile, were killed by one of two explosions. Pictures of the victims were shown live on the news hour and prayers were observed. Bhutto was later escorted safely to an official government house

Programming: ARY Digital started off with a format more closely resembling that of PTV Prime and other Indian channels where it provided slots for soaps in general while presenting an hourly slot for news headlines. Although, flaming political talk shows and dramas were the main priority when it came to programming, the network soon was hailed for its news coverage. Qatar-based Al Jazeera was enjoying its fifteen minutes of fame that rooted its name prominently in the events folding after the 9/11 attacks but when the war on terror came to neighbouring Afghanistan, Pakistan had no decent coverage and the likes of PTV hired people without prior knowledge of journalism to be investigative journalists. There was a limit as to how much PTV could show on their network. Soon enough, when ARY Digital started broadcasting news covering the Afghan war, ARY Digital was hailed for their efforts.

As most of the network's programming is acquired through private production houses from within Pakistan and some based in UAE, where people aren't that much in verse with the latest trends in distribution and quality, the network began to be criticised. This led the network to segment its programming into specialised channels whereby, for instance, having a dedicated channel for news coverage where they excelled leaving behind areas that needed dire attention on the flagship channel.

At the time of writing, the network has four different coverage areas around the world: ARY Digital Asia, ARY Digital Middle East, ARY Digital UK/Europe and ARY Digital USA beamed at from the UAE. It has acquired and set up 1,200 premium-rate lines for its call centres to facilitate users.

Although, its operations involve the mission for the betterment of the image of Pakistanis both resident and living abroad, the network has tagged along regional events programming from neighbour India to boost its ratings. In January 2005, the annual Bollywood Music Awards held in Dubai were premiered on the networks flagship channel ARY Digital where celebrities from both the countries managed to gather under one roof. The awards sparked a new interest in the India-Pakistan affairs regarding media policies and ushered a new era of friendly cross-industry work.[citation needed]

To further hook users to the box, the network acquired exclusive rights to showcase all ICC cricket tournaments in the European markets. Another deal with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) led the network into rightful broadcast of all PCB matches from the year 2003 to 2008.

Specialised programming: By 2004, ARY Digital had started up three sister ventures apart from the flagship channel ARY Digital, channels targeting generalised programming. Of them, ARY One World for round-the-clock news coverage made it stand shoulder-to-shoulder with competition from, e.g., Geo TV. A channel aimed at the younger generation, The Musik vowed to bring the latest in the music industry to the masses in Pakistan and all over the world. Qtv targeted at religious programming. With these four channels under its belt, the network viewership grew by folds over the coming years and ARY Digital would often then call itself the premium entertainment provider in the region.

Recently, the network announced two more channels, namely the Shopping Channel, a 24 hour home shopping channel and The City Channel focusing on concerns of everyday life in the metropolitan districts that fall under its coverage area.

Affiliate programming: Recently ARY Digital has affiliated with several other television networks to promote their content in Pakistan. Amongst these are Fashion TV for which a regional channel FTV Pakistan has been airing since December 2005 on the ARY Digital network. Plans are under way for Al Jazeera Urdu in affiliation with Al Jazeera targeting 110 million Urdu-speaking households worldwide and HBO Pakistan in association with HBO's south-Asian division. With the network's help, Nickelodeon is also planning to kick-start its operations in Nick Pakistan where it would be beamed into 2.5 million households with kids.

With so much international diversity under the network's belt, Salman Iqbal, the global CEO and president of ARY Digital network feels confident that the network is bringing international quality to Pakistan's growing market.

Criticism: For a brief moment in 2003, ARY Digital received criticism upon its airing of a prisoners derogatory comments against the Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC-3) and a video showing balded young girls behind bars begging for mercy. The contempt of court proceedings against the officials of the network were withdrawn after the judge accepted the unconditional apologies of all the contemners.

ARY Media Advisory Board At the turn of events leading to the emergency in December 2007, Salman Iqbal, CEO of the network announced along with the ARY Digital network committee the establishment of a media advisory board, the purpose of which would be to assess the media coverage (be it news or other programmes) on the network. Saying that ARY Digital has been reporting without bias for a while but the recent events ushering the emergency rule and temporary closure of one of the biggest news network Geo TV, ARY Digital required a better unbiased coverage. He concluded that an array of government leaders could weigh the coverage presented by the network on the basis of its rationality and coverage so that the media portrayed by the network was in verse with the way Pakistan is supposed to be imaged. The board would have seats for 20 members, each focusing on different aspects of media would provide their views on how media should be portrayed. top back


Launched: 2005
Owned by: Business Recorder Group
Slogan: AAJ
Country: Pakistan
Availability: Satellite, AsiaSat 3S (Asia)
Sky Digital (UK)
AAJ TV is 24 hour Pakistani entertainment Television Channel. Aaj in English means "Today".

Channel and its programmes AAJ TV was initially started in 2005 by the Business Recorder Group. The Business Recorder Group is one of the most prominent media conglomerates in Pakistan.

As Aaj TV is the only Television network to have an Earth Station, it provides flexibility and control in responding to local and international events. AAJ TV caters to all tastes by providing four programming features in the form of News, Current Affairs, Entertainment and Infotainment.

With a vast amount of experience with the Business Recorder Group, AAJ TV provides round the clock news coverage from around the world in collaboration with their partner news sources in more than 100 countries.

Combining news reporting with analytical strengths provided by the respected social and political commentators in Pakistan, accounts for in depth and precise Current Affairs programs.

The Current Affair which are boosting Aaj Television toward its bright future are Live With Talat ( 2205 to 2300 Every Monday to Friday) Bolta Pakistan ( 2305 to 2355 Every Monday to Friday) One of the major achievements in entertainment programming is its one of its kind "The late night show with Begum Nawazish Ali aired on Saturday every week. The show is based on the idea of a male host in disguise of a rich feminist portraying a page-3 elite of the country. The host takes interviews of some very prominent figures from within country talking broadly about the socio-economic issues of the nation.

Another popular show is a program called the 4 Man Show. It is a show with 4 'anchors' (hence the title) giving the news and taking interviews with 'political leaders' (actors with cheap make-up). However it is deeply immersed in comedy and political satire and is a 'loose cannon' meaning no one is immune (sometimes even themselves).

On April 22 2007 The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) has served a show-cause notice on Aaj TV, for airing news, talk shows and other programmes on the current judicial crisis and threatened it with closure.
In notice, it said that the TV channel had violated the Pemra Ordinance in its news, talk shows and programmes on an issue pending with the Supreme Judicial Council.

The notice said that the channel had also failed to produce a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the external publicity wing of the ministry of information and broadcasting which was required for the processing of short-term uplinking licence.

Aaj TV and the Karachi Riots On May 12, 2007, at least 41 (official government figure) people were killed in riots erupting across the city of Karachi--the capital of the province of Sindh and the most populous city in the country of Pakistan. Roads were blocked, cars burned and hundreds of people injured and arrested. The violence erupted after the arrival of suspended Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, who came to address the city bar association on the 50th anniversary of establishment of the Sindh High Court Bar Association.

During riots in Karachi, a mob also attacked offices of television station Aaj TV, a news network that has covered the recent dispute between Chief Justice Chaudhry and President Musharraf extensively. A huge mob surrounded the building earlier today, and the network issued the following statement regarding the current crisis:
Our cameramen were shooting the rally procession when the gunmen started to fire indiscriminately at our office. No security was sent to us though the firing went on for three hours.

According to a later press release from Aaj TV Spokesperson, Arshad Zuberi, the building came under fire from MQM supporters who wanted the airing of live footage of the unrest in the city stopped. Its parking was set ablaze with uncontrolled fires while similar infernos raged throughout the city.
top back

sdHum TV

Launched: 2005
Owned by: Eye Television Network Limited
Slogan: HUM TV
Country: Pakistan
Availability: Satellite , PAS-10 (Asia, Middle East and Africa) Frequency 3774 H
Hum TV is a 24-hour Pakistani entertainment TV channel based in Karachi, Pakistan. It is popular amongst the young generation as the programming targets the youth of Pakistan.

Availability: Hum TV is available in many countries mostly, via satellite, some times via cable, the channel is available in parts of Middle East, Africa and all of Asia. The channel is currently broadcasting on PAS-10 (Panam Sat) on Frequency: 3774 H S/R: 3300 FEC: 3/4. top back

sdWaqt TV

Type: cable news television network
Branding: Waqt TV
Country: Pakistan
Availability: Pakistan
Slogan: Karo Waqt Ka Samna
Owner: Nawaiwaqt Group Zaghum Abbas Naz
Launch date: 2008

Waqt TV is a channel slated to be launched in early 2008 in Pakistan. Waqt TV will be a unit of the Nawa-i-Waqt media group founded by Hameed Nizami. Considered to be one of the most vocal media groups in Pakistan. this group has a long history for being critical of the Federal Government. Due to the fame and popularity of newly established networks such as GEO News, ARY One World, AAJ TV and Dawn News, Waqt TV has high expectations from the Pakistani populace. top back


Type: cable television network
Branding: Qtv
Country: Pakistan
Availability: Pakistan, worldwide
Founded by: Abdul Razzak Yaqoob (ARY)
Owner: ARY Group
Launch date: 2004

Quran TV (Qtv) is television channel with a religious focus, producing programs mainly focusing on the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jama'at school of thought in Islam. It is part of the ARY Digital network. The channel has shows with well-known scholars such as Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, Mufti Abu Bakr, Mufti Akmal, Mufti Sohail Raza Amjadi, and Hazrat Allama Syed Abdul Haq Qadri son of Sheikh Hazrat Syed Shah Turabul Haq Qadri.
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sdGEO News

Type: cable news television network
Branding: GEO News
Country: Pakistan
Availability: Pakistan, United States
Owner: Geo Television Network
Launch date: 2005

Geo News is a Dubai based Pakistani news channel, fully owned and run by Jang Group. The channel started its broadcasting in 2005. It is considered as one of the famous news channels of Pakistan with millions of 'Urdu speaking' viewers around the world.

Fame: Geo News achieved widespread fame by its famous on-time Breaking news telecasts and news coverage throughout the country. Geo News has been involved in strongly criticizing the Government's policies regarding Red Mosque incident, Musharraf's holding of both offices, i.e., President and Chief of Army Staff, legitimacy of Musharraf's re-election as President in 2007, Benazir Bhutto's assassination, and several other political and economical issues.

Popular Shows: Some of the popular news programmes are Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Sath, Capital Talk with Hamid Mir, Jawaab Deh, Marey Mutabiq by Dr. Shahid Masood, and Metrolite; and the very notorious political comedy programme Hum Sub Umeed Say Hain.

Attack on Geo News Office: On Friday, March 16th 2007, Geo TV Network's office in Islamabad was attacked by some armed policemen, and the Geo News Bureau Chief Hamid Mir was also manhandled in this incident.

Criticism: Despite various allegations and accusations by the Government and the civil society, Geo News continued its 'hard-hitting' criticizing attitude towards the Government, especially, towards the policies of Musharraf. The critics say that Geo News and some other private news channels exaggerate or sometimes even mis-represent the facts and findings, especially during incidents of Red Mosque and Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry's case.

Government's Ban on GEO Network: After the imposition of emergency in November 2008 in Pakistan, the broadcasting of all private television news channels were obstructed by the Government of Pakistan. Geo News was completely banned to broadcast its news channel and entertaining channels by the Government.
Case file in Sindh Highcourt
On November 10, 2007, the Geo Network filed a court case with the Sindh High-court against the Government's ban on its four channels.
Order to Shut Down: On November 16, 2007 Geo TV Network received an order from local authorities of Dubai to cut off all their 'Live' telecast of programmes. Geo TV was also banned for showing any programme of Geo News' main stream anchors like Hamid Mir, Dr Shahid Masood and Kamran Khan.
Dubai rulers let Geo go on air
The authorities of Dubai Media City (DMC) and IMC Dubai have restored the Geo News channel and asked the administration of the channel to start telecasting its programmes from the facility in the DMC from November 29, 2007 midnight. Restored services of GEO News have as yet been noticeably absent of programmes like Capital Talk anchored by Hamid Mir and Mera Mutabiq hosted by Shahid Masood, indicating that the channel has a pressure by the UAE authorities at the behest of the Government of Pakistan.

DoS Attack on Geo TV Website: On November 9, 2007, Geo Network's website was attacked and hacked by DoS, which made the official website inaccessible to the Internet audience.

Geo News program Capital Talk & Meray Mutabiq banned again Geo News program Capital Talk & Meray Mutabiq was banned again by Dubai government due to a request from the Pakistan government. Due to this, the channel moved from Panamsat to Asiasat 3s, from Dubai to Islamabad.
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sdExpress News

Type: cable news television network
Branding: Express News
Country: Pakistan
Availability: Pakistan
Slogan: Har Khabar Per Nazar
Owner: Express Group of Newspapers

Express News is a Pakistani television news channel. It is owned and run by Pakistan's third largest Urdu daily.
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sdDawn News

Type: cable news television network
Branding: Dawn News
Country: Pakistan
Availability: Pakistan
Slogan: Understand the Difference
Owner: Dawn Group of Newspapers
Launch date: July 23, 2007

Dawn News is Pakistan's first 24-hour English news channel. Based in Karachi, the station is a subsidiary of Pakistan Herald Publications Limited (PHPL), Pakistan's largest English-language media group. The test transmission of the station occurred in May 2007, and the channel went live on July 23, 2007.

Dawn News' Test Transmission was launched by President Pervez Musharraf. The complete launch of the channel coincided with the result of the Supreme Court case which cleared the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, who had been suspended by General Musharraf. The channel was initially housed in Haroon House, the head-office of PHPL, but later moved to its current premises in West Wharf, Karachi.
The channel has an online stream available on its web site for foreign viewing. top back

sdIndus News

Type: cable news television network
Branding: Indus News
Country: Pakistan
Availability: Pakistan
Owner: Indus Group of Newspapers

Indus News is a 24 hour news channel based in Pakistan and part of the Indus TV network.

It claims to be informative, unique and comprehensive in news coverage. Its programming covers local news, domestic news, international news and events, political analysis, entertainment, infotainment, business news, stock market updates, and sports. top back

sdPTV News

Type: cable news television network
Branding: PTV
Country: Pakistan
Availability: Pakistan, United States, United Kingdom, Middle East
Owner: Government of Pakistan

PTV News is 24 hour news channel which provides news in English and Urdu to the Pakistani community worldwide.
Until 2007, PTV News was known as PTV World News. top back

sdKhyber News

Type Satellite: television network
Country: Pakistan
Availability: Asia, Middle East, Europe, Australia
Owner: Kamran Hamid Raja
Key people: Hamid Shamshad GM P&D and Programs, Nafees Kamal GM Technical, Muhammad Zubair Presentation Manager, Asim qureshi Station Manager Islamabad, Saqib Butt Presentation Incharge, Hasan Khan Controllre News & Current Affairs, Gul Ayaz Bureau Chief Islamabad & Manager News Planning & Development
Launch date: August 2007

Khyber News is a satellite television station in Pakistan, which was launched in August 2007. The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day, providing news, current affairs programs and informative programs to the Pashtun population of Pakistan and Afghanistan as well as those living in the Middle East, Europe, and Australia. Unlike most TV stations in Pakistan, Khyber News programs are only in Pashto language & English Language.

The main office of Khyber News is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. It also has smaller regional offices in the cities of Peshawar and Quetta in Pakistan as well as in Jalalabad, Kabul and Kandahar in Afghanistan.

Frequency Information: INTELSAT-10 at 68.5°E (Formerly PANAMSAT-10) Downlink Frequency: 3803 MHz Polarity: Horizontal FEC: 3/4 Symbol Rate: 5100. top back


AAG TV is the music channel of Pakistan. AAG is part of GEO NETWORK. AAG shows latest Pakistani pop music. It also shows trailers for upcoming Hollywood,Bollywood movies.
Aag is currently available at UK,USA,India,Pakistan,Germany,Italy,Bangladesh etc.
The most popular shows on AAG are Azfar-Mani Show, Weekend with Mahira, AAG-Alive.
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dfATV (Pakistan)

ATV - A Shalimar Television Network Channel: The phenomenal growth of the channel can be best judged from the fact that the Channel which had its only transmitting station at Islamabad in 1990 now operates with 20 stations covering all major cities and commercial centres of Pakistan.

The ATV stations are located at Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Daska, Multan, Bahawalpur, Larkana, Hyderabad ,Sukkur, Peshawar, Mangora, Qalat, Batkhail, Khuzdar, Thandiani, Sahiwal, Sibi, Quetta and Tando Allahyar covering over 50% of the population.
The success of ATV is primarily attributable to its extremely popular family entertainment programs. The program mix is Entertainment 40%, Information 37 % and Education 23%.
All the capital and running expenses of this company are met from its own resources. No government grant, budgetary allocation or subsidy was ever acquired.

A-NEWS: The broadcasting setup of SRBC clicked on the very outset and played a major role in the prosperity and stability of the Company. In spite of being an entertainment channel, the ATV has always maintained its great record for breaking the most important news in country, earlier than any other channel.

One of the special features of A-News is The "A.District News". Local news from all across the Pakistan are collected and broadcast here, ATV is the only channel with such a widespread network of reporters in even the most small towns of Pakistan's each province.
ATV is poised to lead the news coverage of Pakistan from Front. The Recent Death of Benazir bhutto had lots of different changes of Newsreporters.

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sARY One World

Branding: ARY One World
Country: Pakistan
Availability: Pakistan, worldwide
Founded by: Abdul Razzak Yaqoob (ARY)
Owner: ARY Group
Launch date: 2004

ARY One World is a Dubai-based Pakistani news channel launched in 26 September 2004. A bilingual news channel in English and Urdu, it is a subsidiary of the larger ARY Digital Network. It has a large audience and one main competitor in Geo News. Current affair programs with prominent Pakistani journalists are the strength of ARY One World. Its program mix covers all the genres of news & infotainment, and most of its programs are presented by top international anchors such as P.J. Mir, Javed Malik, Ayaz Amir, Faeza Dawood, Kashif Abaasi and Asima Shirazi.

ARY One World is one of the first dedicated international news channels in Pakistan. It has exclusive correspondents in almost all major capitals around the globe, a network of over 500 reporters and correspondents in Pakistan, and major international networks as exclusive partners for the exchange of news, information and other technical facilities. The channel also maintains a rich archive library with exclusive footage.

International availability: ARY One World is available in the United States via Dish Network, on channel 651.
As of February 2008, ARY One World is expected to replace The Musik (EPG 806) on Sky Digital in the UK.

Online streaming: After the emergency in Pakistan many private TV channels have been shutdown by PEMRA including ARY One World but is is streaming online. The ban has now been removed.

Order to Shut Down: On November 16th , after the pressure from General Musharraf, ARY One World is shut down. After the imposition of emergency in Pakistan, all private news channels were banned. On November 16th, Musharraf ordered PEMRA to cancel ARY's license, and ARY shuts down along with another news channel of Pakistan, GEO News. Pakistan Government is continuously claiming that Dubai Media City authorities have closed these channels and Government of Pakistan has done nothing in it. However, Dubai Media Centre authorities have dismissed these statements had said that they had no hand in this all.

ARY One World is back: The ARY One World owners have signed the new PEMRA ordinance and had accepted the conditions of government. That's why the coverage has been resumed since November 22nd, 2007. One important condition was that channel will not present any argument, whether from public or from opposition politicians against the current government. Many human rights are also cancelled due to this act from government. top back


Based in Karachi, TV One is a popular entertainment channel that brings top-rated dramas, soaps and lifestyle programmes to the people of Pakistan, as well as to the Urdu-speaking community across the world. In the past, five-minute news bulletins every hour have kept its audience up-to-date with current affairs, but now a dedicated news channel will offer viewers greater choice.Tv One is commited to excellence providing its viewers with the best of the best.Shows like tajaliat e falak and Sipahi maqbool Hussain keep the viewers on the edge. top back


Type: Satellite television
Country: Pakistan
Availability: Pakistan
Owner: Lakson Group
Express: Media Network

TMN TV a news and general entertainment satellite channel, that will be launched by Express Media Network part of the Lakson Group of Pakistan. The group is planning on broadcasting and uplinking from Karachi and Lahore in Pakistan as well as RAK Media City in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.
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sdIndus Vision


Indus Vision is a satellite channel operating in Pakistan. It operates as a 24-hour entertainment channel, comprises a strong lineup of Urdu programming that includes dramas, sitcoms, entertainment & magazine shows, cooking shows, fashion shows, talk shows, television films, cartoons, and more... top back

sdGEO Super

Type: cable television network
Branding: GEO Super
Country: Pakistan
Availability: Pakistan
Owner: GEO Television Network
Launch date: 2006

Geo Super is the first 24-hour Pakistani Sports channel dedicated to the world of sports and sports stars. Launch: In late September, 2006, after great success of Geo TV, GEO Television Network launched a new and the first ever 24-hour sports channel of Pakistan: Geo Super. It is not yet available overseas but has attained high viewer ratings all over the world, especially Pakistan. Geo Super broadcasts most world sports, focusing mainly on cricket, with secondary focuses on soccer and field hockey. Shortly after it launch, Geo Super managed to secure ICC TV Rights for next 5 years covering all major cricketing events like ICC Cricket World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy, ICC 20/20 World Cup and ICC Under-19 Trophy

Sports Coverage: Geo Super covers all major events in the cricketing world, boxing, hockey, football and tennis. Events like The Ashes, ICC Cricket World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy and Pakistan Boxing League to name a few. Recently, in collaboration with Pakistan Football Federation, Geo Super launched the Geo Super Football League competition involving the 5 big cities of Pakistan having their own football clubs in a league format competition for the betterment of football in Pakistan. Despite being a Pakistani channel not much coverage is available on sporting activities in Pakistan. top back

sdTEN Sports

Launched: April 1, 2002
Owned by: Taj Television (50%)
Sister channel(s): Zee Sports
Availability: Satellite
Tata Sky Channel: 407
Dish TV Channel: 664
Dialog TV Channel: 37
Cable: Hathway Digital Cable Channel 103
MediaNet Channel: 14
TEN SPORTS (or Taj Entertainment Network Sports) is a sports channel, widely broadcasted in Asia. Key programming includes Cricket, Football and Wrestling.

In 2005, TEN Sports was in legal struggles with Doordarshan for the telecast rights when Pakistan cricket team toured India. Later the issue was resolved when Supreme Court of India directed the official broadcaster to share feed with Doordarshan.
On the 12th of November 2006, Zee Network acquired 50% ownership of Taj Television for $57 million.

Taj Television's portfolio consists of the Ten Sports channel, television production and transmission services for broadcast clients such as DirecTV, ART, Starhub's Football Channel, Goal TV 1 and 2 , City 7 and Citruss TV.

Local Beams/Feed: Ten Sports has three dedicated feeds

Ten Sports India (Available in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal)
Ten Sports Pakistan (Available in Pakistan)
Ten Sports Middle East (Available in Hongkong, Japan)

Programs broadcast by Ten Sports:

Indian Cricket League
Stanford 20:20
International Cricket In Pakistan
International Cricket In Sri Lanka
International Cricket In South Africa
International Cricket In West Indies
International Cricket In Zimbabwe
Domestic Cricket In Sri Lanka
Domestic Cricket In South Africa
Domestic Cricket in Pakistan
Football (soccer)

UEFA Champions League
German Bundesliga
Italian Serie A
Portuguese Liga
Dutch Football League
Brazilian Football League
Professional wrestling:
World Wrestling Entertainment
US Open top back


AJK TV is a Kashmiri language channel for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. AJK is an abbreviation for Azad Jammu and Kashmir. It is part of the Pakistan Television Corporation. top back

Cartoon Network

Launched: 1995
Owned by: Turner Broadcasting (Time Warner Inc.)
Sister channel(s): POGO
Website: Cartoon Network India
Availability: Satellite
Tata Sky (India): Channel 613
Dish TV (India): Channel 511
Dialog TV (Sri Lanka): Channel 43
Cable: Available on most cable systems Check Local Listings for channels
Cartoon Network is a cable and satellite television channel created by Turner Broadcasting which primarily shows animated programming.

History: Cartoon Network started broadcast in India as the dual-channel TNT & Cartoon Network in 1995 with Cartoon Network operating from 6:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m, with Turner Classic Movies (formerly TNT) taking up the remainder of the daily schedule. Eventually, Cartoon Network India became a separate 24-hour channel which broadcasts in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka and a 30-minute time shift version with regional variation available in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Maldives. Cartoon Network Pakistan, started in 2004 is a separate feed dedicated for Pakistani viewers. Programs broadcast on this feed is almost identical to the programs broadcast on Cartoon Network India, with the exception of few shows. It has a translation in some areas. The channel is basically a relay version of Cartoon Network India.
Programming Blocks on Cartoon Network India

Toonami: The anime-dedicated Toonami block runs for an hour from 5 p.m to 6 p.m every Monday to Saturday and broadcasts shows like Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z, Beyblade, Duel Masters, Digimon and Transformers. It is currently broadcasting Pokémon: Advanced Battle and Dragon Ball Z.

Boomerang: Boomerang is a two hour block in Cartoon Network India starting at 10 p.m. It was started in 2007 and is intended to cater mainly to adults returning home after work. It features shows like The All New Popeye Show, Johnny Bravo, The Jetsons, and The Tom and Jerry Show. Earlier, in 2003, it was launched as an attempt to re-showcase the old cartoon series like Flintstones, Jetsons, Scooby-Doo Where Are You!, Yogi Bear and all other Hanna-Barbera creations which had been put off the air due to the incoming of new, and more popular in culture, cartoons like Courage the Cowardly Dog, Samurai Jack, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and more recently added Teen Titans . But due to not much success, it was put of the air and re-launched with more popular shows like Johnny Bravo and Tom and Jerry.

Tiny TV: Tiny TV was a former programming block of Cartoon Network India which was started in 2003 and continued on till 2007. It focuses mainly on pre-schoolers in the age of 2-6 years. It was a three hour block starting at 11 a.m from Monday to Saturday and on 10:30 a.m on Sundays. It featured programs like Pingu, Bob the Builder, Oswald, Make Way for Noddy and Kipper initially, and later included Caillou, Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs, Panshel's World, Baby Looney Tunes and Galli Galli Sim Sim. All the programs shown in the Tiny TV block has been shifted to Cartoon Network's sister channel, Pogo.

Cookie jar: Cookie Jar is a one-hour block on Cartoon Network India which aims the early evening audience with some of the best Cartoon Network shows like Tom and Jerry, Courage the Cowardly Dog and Richie Rich. It has been renamed as Cookie treat. Richie Rich was replaced by Tom and Jerry Tales.

Blob tv: It was a one hour block hosted by the Fish Balloon from The Powerpuff Girls. It featured The All New Popeye Show and Krishna: The Animated Series initially. Krishna was soon replaced by Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get a Clue! and Popeye by Maskman, after which the block was removed.

Hero time: It is a one hour block on Cartoon Network India,It is shown on Sundays,it begins with Ben 10 and after that it shows Di-Gata Defenders. Recently, Ben 10 began airing the whole hour.

Toon mukabla: It is a show which started from 5th of May, 2008. The show, beginning at 10 A.M.,showed back-to-back episodes of Ben 10., Dragon Ball Z, Pokémon and Naruto.

Programming: It airs English, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi-dubbed versions of a variety of popular Cartoon Network programs like Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo, The Popeye Show and Dexter's Laboratory. top back

GEO Kids

Type: cable television network
Branding: GEO Kids
Country: Pakistan
Availability: Pakistan
Owner GEO Television Network top back

sdPTV National

Type: cable television network
Branding: PTV
Country: Pakistan
Availability: Pakistan, Europe, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Middle East
Owner: Government of Pakistan
PTV National is a 24-hour channel that broadcasts regional languages programmes of Pakistan.

PTV National is a channel formed with a vision to create a sense of integrity and harmony among the people of the four provinces of Pakistan. It has viewership not only across Pakistan but it is being seen and appreciated all over world. The channel involves the participation of the viewers in the 'Live Programs'. The transmission is divided in to 4 chunks representing and promoting all the regional languages in Pakistan i.e. Sindhi, Punjabi, Pushto, and Balochi. top back


This channel is owned by Media Dimension a Sharjah based company. This channel is still under dispute, since the majority share holder of this company is Arif Khan,who is a United States citizen living in Los Angeles. This matter of dispute is pending with PEMRA and other Govt of Pakistan Officials. Until this matter is not resolved, Mr Arif Khan is the President of Filmazia and its parent company Media Dimensions. top back

sdHBO Pakistan

Availability: Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Palau, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.
Owner: Home Box Office .Inc, Time Warner
Astro Malaysia: Channel 411
Astro Nusantara: Indonesia Channel 66
Indovision (Indonesia): Channel 7
TelkomVision (Indonesia): Unknown Channel
TrueVisions (Thailand): Channel 13
DialogTV (Sri Lanka): Channel 4
HBO Ary digital (Pakistan): Channel 10
SkyCable (Philippines): Channel 54 / Channel 62 for some that has Addressable Boxes
Global Destiny (Philippines): Channel 37
StarHub Cable Vision (Singapore): Channel 60
TV (Hong Kong): Channel 115
First Media (Indonesia): Channel 285
TrueVisions (Thailand): Channel 13
United Communication Service (Bangladesh): Channel 31 (HBO Asia), Channel 54 (HBO India)
HCaTV (Vietnam): Channel 20
Tay Do CaTV (Vietnam): Channel 03

HBO Pakistan is a franchise of HBO in Asia. HBO Asia is a joint venture of media giants Viacom (25%) and Time Warner (75%). Sony Pictures Entertainment and Universal Studios have exited the 15-year-old HBO Asia premium movie joint venture from 16 Jan, 2008.

History: Launched in 1992, HBO is a 24-hour subscription movie channel that offers viewers in Asia the latest and biggest blockbuster movies with a choice of more than 120 commercial-free titles every month. HBO also offers quality original movies and series that are produced by HBO, exclusively for viewers of the HBO channel. HBO is recognized as the best in the business at producing original programs for television, winning the top Emmy and Golden Globe Awards year after year.

About the Company: Singapore-based HBO Pakistan, the leader in home entertainment, brings the best of Hollywood to Asia first due to its licensing deals with major Hollywood studios - Columbia/TriStar, Paramount Pictures (DreamWorks), Universal Studios and Warner Bros.

HBO Asia has five channels under its multi-channel strategy (HBO, HBO Signature, HBO HiTS, HBO Family and Cinemax), giving subscribers the ultimate premium movie entertainment package, providing subscribers with more viewing options at any one time for an incredible value. HBO also launched its first Subscription Video-On-Demand service, HBO ON DEMAND, in Hong Kong. HBO is available in 22 countries throughout Asia and has closed-captioned subtitling in several local languages.
Slogan: Simply The Best: 1992 to present

Primetime: Movies are anchored at 7pm, 9pm and 11pm (Singapore Time) every day so viewers can always catch their favorite movies at the top of every other hour between 7pm and 11pm. The latest and biggest Hollywood blockbusters are guaranteed to premiere for the very first time on Asian television in 2007 on weekends during evening prime-time at 7pm, 9pm and 11pm (SIN).

Get clued in and get behind the scenes on all the newest blockbusters that will explode in the cinemas with First Look, a dedicated half-hour show focusing on the absolute best from Hollywood.

HBO Central is the viewers' monthly guide to the hottest attractions and an exciting look at what’s new on the channel each month on HBO, including Hollywood gossip, behind-the-scenes tidbits, superstar profiles and red carpet style guides. HBO Central is a one-stop hub of entertainment news that is all about HBO, on HBO. Hosted by Simone Heng New on the Big Screen, a monthly rundown of specially recommended movies viewers need to watch premiering in the movie theaters in their countries.

New seasons of award-winning and groundbreaking HBO Original Series and HBO Original Productions that are made by HBO exclusively for HBO provoke and entertain, on Monday nights at 11pm (Singapore Time).

The latest and biggest Hollywood blockbusters are guaranteed to premiere for the very first time on Asian television on Sunday Nights at 9pm (SIN). After the premiering, that movie will be repeated many times in next whole 7 days. Premiere: Sunday at 9pm (SIN)
Repeat: Monday at 3am and 1pm, Tuesday at 12am, 7am and 5pm, Thursday at 7pm, Friday at 5am, Saturday at 11am and 11pm, Sunday at 3pm (SIN).
HBO in South Asia
India: HBO Asia airs a separate Ad break filled PAY TV feed for viewers in South Asia. The channel is labeled as HBO South Asia and often referred to as HBO India since it specifically caters to the Indian market. All movie promos in this beam are according to IST The channel is also available to viewers in Bangladesh, Maldives. In this area, the movie licenses from DreamWorks runs to Star Movies.

Pakistan: In Pakistan, HBO is available as HBO Pakistan. It is a simulcast of HBO South Asia with slight modifications and running in PST. Diwali ads and other adverts targeted towards India are filtered out in this beam. Only Pakistani adverts are present in this beam. This beam can also be called the +0.30 version of HBO South Asia since all the programs aired on this beam are aired with a 30min delay.

South East Asia
Singapore: Since HBO Asia headquarters is in Singapore, HBO Asia has to follow Singapore Law, which includes cuts, etc... One of the programs that experience this kind of treatment is "Sex in the City".

Philippines: The HBO-made series "Entourage" was taken off-air for 3 weeks by one cable operator in the Philippines pending clearance by MTRCB. The entire series continued to air without discrution on all other Philippines cable operators.

Vietnam: Every movie with contents which opposes or distorts the Vietnam War, Vietnam Communist Party and the Communism is replaced by a black screen. In addition, if the Ministry of Culture and Information considers a movie is of a serious sexual or horrific nature not conforming with Vietnamese society, it will not be aired. top back

sdThe Musik

Type: cable television network
Branding: The Musik
Country: Pakistan
Availability Pakistan, worldwide
Founded by: Mohammed Abdul Hamid (ARY)
Owner: ARY Group
Launch date: 2004

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The Musik is a 24-hour Urdu-English music channel from Pakistan.

Under the leadership of VP Danish Khawaja, also the Head of ARY Creative Workshop, The Musik focuses especially on South Asian communities throughout the world, particularly in Pakistan, Middle East and Europe. It is a part of the ARY Digital Network.

The Musik channel is famous in Pakistan as being the first Pakistani channel to start pure youth reality based shows in Pakistan, created by the Concept writer, director & VJ, Waqar Zaka, who introduced groundbreaking shows in Pakistan such as the dare show Living on the Edge, a revolution in the form of Xposed, Band Tu Bajey Ga, and Fan Fever.

In terms of format, The Musik caters to all age audiences, offering round-the-clock-music in all genres such as pop, rock, bhangra, classical, and folk. It has interactive VJ's, celebrity interviews, comic fillers, theme shows, imaginative animations, live concerts, and exclusive unplugged performances. The channel's longest running music based show is Rock On, hosted by VJ Faraz Khan. Rock On is also the longest running rock music based show in the history of Pakistan. The Musik also broadcasts debates on current affairs, talk shows, live interactive request shows, countdown programs and music videos.

The Musik alternate logoThe Musik features Pakistani, Arabic, English and international music with weekly and daily shows including chartbusters, countdowns, gossip, behind-the-scenes (Hollywood and Bollywood), fashion around the world, as well as requests and dedications from viewers around the globe.
The Musik boasts a team of over two dozen VJs from diverse ethnic backgrounds, giving the channel a true international flavor.

Broadcasting live gives The Musik the ability to allow hosts to use the channel as their instant and personal platform for those with whom they identify through instant SMS, e-mails, and phone calls.
The Musik is one of the first Satellite channels having live link-ups between its studios based in London UK, USA, Pakistan, India and Dubai. top back

sdCNBC Pakistan

Type: cable television network
Branding: CNBC Pakistan
Country: Pakistan
First air date: 2004
Availability: Pakistan
Broadcast area: Pakistan
Owner: Vision Network Television Ltd
Key people: Khalid J. Siddiqi, CEO
Launch date: November 15, 2005
Satellite: Intelsat-10, C-band Digital (Transponder 2)

CNBC Pakistan HQ at nightCNBC Pakistan is Pakistan's first 24-hour Urdu language business channel to report financial and business information channel, presenting in-depth and up-to-the-minute coverage of regional and international affairs from a Pakistani economic perspective. CNBC Pakistan was founded in 2004 by CNBC Asia to broaden their reach into Pakistan's expanding capital markets, and inaugurated by the Pakistan's Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz. CNBC Pakistan uses a three band ticker with the upper and central band for stocks and the lower band for news.

CNBC Pakistan's initial broadcast began on November 15, 2005 and is owned by Vision Network Television Limited. Approximately 250 employees work with CNBC Pakistan. It's headquarters are located at the TechnoCity Corporate Tower in Karachi. Smaller bureaus are also found in Islamabad and Lahore. top back

dBusiness Plus

Business Plus is a 24 hour business news channel with hourly updates from the Karachi Stock Exchange. It is owned by the Total Media Solutions Company, who also owns Daily Times an English newspaper based in Pakistan. The channel claims to be reaching more than 22.5 million homes nationwide with a cable penetration of over 87% in metro cities. top back


Launched: April 1, 1979
Owned by: (Viacom)
Picture format: 480i (SDTV), 1080i (HDTV)
Country: United States
Headquarters: New York City/Burbank, California, U.S.
Formerly called: Pinwheel (1977 - 1981)
Sister channel(s): Pinwheel, Nick at Nite, Nicktoons TV, Noggin,TV Land,The N, Nick Jr., and Nickelodeon Games and Sports
Timeshift: service Nick 2
Availability: Satellite
DirecTV: Channel 299/300
DStv Channel: 305 AMC 11
N/Central America/Caribbean 4060 H / 29270 / 3/4 Channel 630 (Transponder 18) AMC 10 N/Central America/Caribbean 3920 V / 29270 / 3/4 Channel 140 (Transponder 11) Cable: Available on many cable systems. Check local listings for channels
Internet Television: TVUnetworks Channel 20990 (West Coast Feed)

Nickelodeon (commonly referred to as Nick): is an American cable television network owned by Viacom International, founded in 1979 as Pinwheel. The Pinwheel name was used until 1981. The channel is found in many different countries, including Nick UK and Nickelodeon Australia. Nick is also split up into several blocks, such as Nick at Nite and Nick Jr.. The channel focuses on children from ages 6 through 11. Nick at Nite is meant for older children who have outgrown the channel and Nick Jr. focuses on children ages 2 through 6. Nickelodeon directly competes with Cartoon Network for the children's viewing market.

History: Pinwheel 1977-1981 logoNickelodeon was launched in 1977 as Pinwheel channel in Columbus, Ohio on the QUBE cable system (now Time Warner Cable).
During its broadcast day, it would air shows such as Pinwheel, Video Comic Book, America Goes Bananaz, Nickel Flicks and By the Way.
The original Nickelodeon "Pinball" logo used by the network from 1981 to 1984.On April 1, 1979, the channel went national when they expanded to another QUBE system in Buffalo, New York.

During the day it played "fillers" in between shows a few featured a male mime and the network's sign on featured a pair of hands and the hands were in the "fillers. In 1980, Geraldine Laybourne joined the network. She would become President of Nickelodeon in 1983. In 1981, the channel expanded nationwide as Nickelodeon.

The channel became known for its iconic green slime, originally featured in the network's first major hit, the 1980s Canadian comedy show You Can't Do That on Television. The slime was then adopted by the station as a primary feature of many of its shows..
In 1984, the original "Pinball" logo was replaced by the current "Orange" splat logo, which comes in many different shapes.
Programming: Main article: List of programs broadcast by Nickelodeon

Nicktoons: Nicktoons are animated television programs airing on Nickelodeon. Prior to 1991, Nickelodeon aired mostly foreign-based cartoons mainly coming from Canada, United Kingdom, France, Eastern Europe (mainly Russia & Poland), and Japan as well as American cartoons that were produced by other companies. Over the years, more Nicktoons were created and aired.

Programming blocks: Nick Jr. is seen on Nickelodeon weekday mornings. It is aimed at a preschool-age audience.

Nick at Nite: Nick at Nite is the evening programming block broadcast over Nickelodeon Sunday – Thursdays from 9 PM – 6 AM and Friday – Saturdays from 10 PM – 6 AM Eastern and Pacific Standard Time. Nick at Nite appeals to adult audiences with a lineup of classic television; largely 1990s syndicated sitcoms. Such as Home Improvement, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and just recently, George Lopez. Full House, and Roseanne are played late at night, at 3:00 AM EST.

TEENick: TEENick is a current programming block that began in 1992 as SNICK and played on Saturday nights, before moving to Sunday nights, and then back to Saturday nights. SNICK was relaunched and renamed TEENick in 2000. TEENick was originally hosted by Nick Cannon and is now hosted by J Boogie.

Nick on CBS: Nick on CBS was a programming block on CBS, from September 2002 to September 2004. It consisted of programs originating on Nickelodeon. The block replaced, and was later replaced by, Nick Jr. on CBS

Nick Jr. on CBS: Nick Jr. on CBS was the preschool programming block on CBS that began in September 2000, replacing CBS Kids. This Saturday morning block presented programming from Nick Jr.. The block was restored in 2004, when Nick on CBS was canceled. This block was replaced by KOL Secret Slumber Party (now KEWLopolis) in 2006.

Telemundo: Likewise on the Spanish network Telemundo, dubbed Spanish versions of Nickelodeon shows such as Rugrats and Dora the Explorer were aired on weekends. The programming block has since been dropped in the fall of 2006, in favor of their own kids programming block qubo.

Univision Main article: Planeta U On April 5, 2008, competing Spanish network Univision added Spanish versions of Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go! to their Saturday morning Planeta U line-up.
Sister channels: Nickelodeon has spun off several other cable networks.

Nickelodeon Games and Sports (a.k.a. GAS): Nickelodeon Games and Sports for Kids (commonly referred to as Nickelodeon GAS, Nick GAS or GAS), was a U.S. cable television network which was launched on March 1, 1999 as part of MTV Networks' suite of digital cable channels. Olympic swimmer and Figure It Out host Summer Sanders was named the Commissioner of Nick GAS. Dave Aizer and Vivianne Collins were the network's original on-air hosts, with Mati Moralejo joining soon after.

Nick GAS has left the digital cable line-ups on December 31, 2007. On this date, another Nickelodeon-based network, The N, took GAS's channel position. It is available on Dish Network, as well as TurboNick.

Nicktoons TV: Nicktoons TV is a digital cable and satellite television network which airs classic and modern Nicktoons.

The N: Main article: The N The N is a television channel in the United States aimed at teenagers and young adults.

Noggin: Noggin is a television channel in the United States aimed at preschool-aged and early elementary-school-aged children. The channel does not air commercials and is currently only distributed through digital television providers.

Nick 2: Nick 2 is a television channel that airs from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., since it is the west coast feed of Nickelodeon. It usually gives viewers who missed a program on the original Nickelodeon a second chance to see it again. The program is usually shown three hours later after it has been shown on Nickelodeon. It can only be received by digital television providers.

Other Nickelodeon projects: Nickelodeon Toys and Nick Rewind is the official website of Nickelodeon. It was originally centered on Natalie's Backseat Traveling Web Show which launched in 1996 and continued until 1998. gives visitors of the site the option to register onto the site. Such registration would give the member a "Nickname", which is referring towards his or her membership. Users can e-mail messages to others with NickMail. has over 500 online games, many of them are related to the shows that currently or formerly aired on Nickelodeon. Since January 6, 2006, Nickelodeon has been doing the New Game of the Week Program. Every week features a new game, allowing users to get extra benefits for playing.

Nickelodeon Magazine: Nickelodeon Magazine was launched by Nickelodeon in 1993, following a short-lived effort from 1990. It contains informative non-fiction pieces, humor, interviews, pranks, recipes (such as green slime cake), and a comic book section in the center featuring original comics by leading underground cartoonists as well as strips about popular Nicktoons.

Nickelodeon Movies: Nickelodeon Movies is the network's motion picture production arm. It has produced films based on Nickelodeon programs, as well as other adaptations and original projects. Its films are released by Paramount Pictures.

Nicktoons Studios: Nicktoons Studios (formerly known as Games Animation) is a facility at Burbank, California. It serves as a production facility for many active Nicktoons. It also has earlier Nicktoons scattered on top of the studio at random places. It also serves as a home to the Nicktoons Network and has been used on the Nicktoons Network site replacing the Nickelodeon foot logo with the Nicktoons Network logo.

Nickelodeon Universe: The Nickelodeon theme park, "Nickelodeon Universe", a rebranding of The Park at MOA in the Mall of America, is set to open on March 15, 2008. New attractions include an Avatar: The Last Airbender-themed half-pipe ride, a SpongeBob SquarePants-themed roller coaster, and a new Splat-O-Sphere drop tower ride.

Nickelodeon Studios: Nickelodeon Studios as viewed from the Hard Rock Cafe in March 2004.Main article: Nickelodeon Studios Nickelodeon Studios was an attraction at Universal Orlando Resort that opened on June 7, 1990, and housed production for many Nickelodeon programs. It closed on April 30, 2005, after all of Nickelodeon's production had re-located to Burbank, California. The Slime Geyser was removed from the front of the facility in May 2005, the trademark Nickelodeon sign was removed in January 2006, and the Nickelodeon Time Capsule was removed prematurely in August 2006. The building was then converted into the Sharp Aquos Theatre, a venue for the Blue Man Group, which opened on June 7, 2007.

Nickelodeon Central: Nickelodeon Central is an area inside many theme parks around The United States, Canada, and Australia. The area is filled with attractions, shows, and themes featuring the Nickelodeon characters.

Nickland: Nickland is an area inside of Movie Park Germany featuring Nickelodeon-themed rides, including a Spongebob Squarepants-themed "Splash Battle" ride, and a Jimmy Neutron-themed roller coaster. This area is currently being expanded to fill space formerly occupied with rides based on Warner Bros. characters.
Nickelodeon Universe: Nickelodeon Universe is an area inside of Kings Island featuring Nickelodeon-themed rides and attractions. The area is one of the largest areas in the park, and has been voted "Best Kid's Area" by Amusement Today magazine since 2001

Nickelodeon Blast Zone: The Nickelodeon Blast Zone was an area in Universal Studios Hollywood that featured attractions centered around Nickelodeon characters and themes. The four attractions that were present in the area were "Nickelodeon Splash", a waterpark-style area, 'The Wild Thornberrys Adventure Temple', a jungle-themed foam ball play area, and "Nick Jr Backyard", a medium-sized toddler playground. This area closed in winter 2007 and has been rethemed to Curious George. Another attraction, "Rugrats Magic Adventure", was present at the opening of the area in 2001, but closed in 2002 to make way for Shrek 4-D. However, though, Spongebob, Dora and the Rugrats still hang out near the shop that is still open.

Nickelodeon Splat City: Nickelodeon Splat City was an area inside of California's Great America (1995-2002), Kings Island (1995-2000), and Kings Dominion (1995-1999), that featured attraction involving getting messy or wet. The slime refinery theme was carried out in the attractions such as the "Green Slime Zone Definery", the "Crystal Slime Mining Maze", and the "Green Slime Transfer Truck". All of these areas have been transformed into Nickelodeon Central or Nickelodeon Universe.

Hotels: Nickelodeon Family Suites is a Nickelodeon-themed Holiday Inn hotel in Orlando, Florida, located near Universal Studios Resort and one mile (1.6 km) from Walt Disney World Resort. The property includes one, two, and three-bedroom Nick-themed kid suites and various forms of Nick-themed entertainment. Nickelodeon Family Suites also contains a Nick at Nite suite for adults.

Nickelodeon Resorts by Marriott is an upcoming hotel chain similar to the above Family Suites, featuring a 110,000-square-foot (10,000 m²) waterpark area and 650 hotel rooms. The first of the 20 planned hotels will open in San Diego, California in 2010.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line: Nickelodeon Family Cruises is a series of Nickelodeon-themed cruise packages in partnership with Royal Caribbean International. These cruises will feature special amenities and entertainment themed to various Nickelodeon Properties.

International: The cast from Nickelodeon Latin America's program Skimo An attempt at the Guinness record for the world's largest picnic, sponsored by Nickelodeon in Petah Tikva, Israel.In 1996, Nick at Nite spun off the channel TV Land[4] which currently airs a variety of older shows, primarily sitcoms from 1951 to 1992.

It also operates language- or culture-specific Nickelodeon channels for various markets in different parts of the world, and has licensed some of its cartoons and other content, in English and local languages, to TV and cable stations such as KI.KA and Super RTL in Germany, RTÉ Two (English) and TG4 (Irish) in Ireland, YTV (English) and VRAK.TV (French) in Canada, Canal J in France, Alpha Kids in Greece and CNBC-e in Turkey.

As of August 2007, the network also broadcasts in South East Asia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Scandinavia, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Cyprus, India, Italy, Israel, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Hungary, France, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Africa, Latin America, and Brazil.

On October 11, 2006, Viacom's subsidiary MTV Networks Asia Pacific set up a new unit to manage Nickelodeon South East Asia TV based in Singapore. Nickelodeon was launched in Singapore and expanded its services in Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Polynesia. In the present, Nickelodeon Philippines and Nickelodeon India started working independently. They started their new website, in 2003.

In India, Nickelodeon is available on the One Alliance bouquet, through the Dish TV and Tata Sky DTH services. In the Philippines, it is available on SkyCable Gold, Silver and Platinum channel 45, Sun Cable channel 34 and Global Destiny Cable channel 21. In Hong Kong, it is available on now TV, while in Malaysia, it is available over Astro via Channel 60. In Singapore, it is available over Starhub Cable TV and in Indonesia, Nickelodeon is available on Astro Nusantara channel 14 and is also broadcast on Global TV, a free-to-air television channel.

A pan-Arabia version of Nickelodeon is slated to relaunch in 2008, in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon. From the late-1990s until the mid-2000s, Nickelodeon was offered on the Showtime Arabia and Orbit satellite services, until they were removed.
The Polish version of Nickelodeon is also going to relaunch on July 10, 2008.

In December 2007, Nickelodeon announced an unprecedented relationship with The Hertz Corporation to rent a Nickelodeon-branded media player, Nick on the Go, for traveling families that rent cars from Hertz. The unit is available at 43 US airports.

Also in 2007, Canadian cable television giant Shaw Cable had applied to the CRTC (Canada's television regulation body, similar to the United States' FCC) for permission to carry several popular American cable networks, including Turner Network Television, USA Network, HBO, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. While the CRTC denied permission to carry USA Network and the others, it did say it would review the situation and reconsider. A few weeks later, Shaw Cable had requested the CRTC remove the remaining barriers to American cable networks, and automatically approve and allow any "English language General interest networks" from the United States, including Nickelodeon and USA Network. Competitor and second-largest cable company, Rogers Cable has also expressed its agreement with Shaw Cable's propsals and supports them. top back

Sindh TV

Sindh Television (STV) is a leading private television channel in Sindhi language in Sindh. It was founded by Kareem Rajpar and is the second private Sindhi TV channel.
In November 2006 transmission was suspended by the Government of Pakistan. Tranmission was resumed later that month after demonstrations in Sindh. top back

sdPTV Home

Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV)

Launched: November 26, 1964
Network: PTV Network
Owned by: Government of Pakistan
Country: Pakistan
Headquarters: Islamabad
Availability: Satellite
Dish Network (U.S.): Channel 616 (PTV News)
Sky Digital (UK): Channel 792 (PTV Prime)

Channel 812(PTV Global): The Pakistan Television Corporation (abbreviated as PTV) is Pakistan's national television broadcaster. The first live transmission of PTV began on November 26, 1964, in Lahore. As of 2007, the PTV family includes six channels.

History: Unlike other state-run corporations, the television company was allowed by the Government of Pakistan to raise a sizeable amount of private capital to finance the stations. This includes a Rs25 pcm TV fee charge to all the consumers of electricity.

In October 1963, the government signed an agreement with the Nippon Electronic Company (NEC) of Japan to have NEC operate affiliates for PTV. On 26 November 1964, the first television station commenced broadcasts in the cities of Lahore, and Dhaka (then the capital of East Pakistan). Centres were established in Karachi and Rawalpindi/Islamabad in 1967, and in Peshawar and Quetta in 1974.

Originally broadcast in black and white, PTV began colour transmission on February 18, 1979). With this new upgrade in techniques and equipment, the Pakistan Television Academy was founded and opened in 1987 to teach students who wished to work in the medium. As with the other agreement, the government financed most of the funds while the private venture capitalists offered to fund the remainder.

During the decades of 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, PTV dramas and teleplays were considered as the best in Indian Subcontinent, like Khuda ki Basti, Unkahi, Tanhaaiyan, Angan Tera, Fifty Fifty, Studio Dhai (2-1/2), Studio Ponay Teen (2-3/4), Andehra Ujala, Sauna Chandi, Uncle Urfi, Taleem-e-Nabaligan, Alif Noon, Waaris, Dhoop Kinare, Sunehray Din, Alpha Bravo Charlie, Ana, Akhri Chatan, Zair Zabar Pesh and many others.

Policy: The broader perspective to start electronic media in the country was to inform and educate the people through wholesome entertainment and to inculcate in them a greater awareness of their own history, heritage, current problems and development as well as knowledge of the world at large.

In fulfillment of its broad and main objectives, PTV's telecast policy concerning various matters of national and international interests has always been motivated and guided by the cardinal principles of educating viewers about the values that are vitally important in building a united, integrated and disciplined society. These objectives have successfully been achieved through a variety of programs on religion, education, entertainment and culture.

The projection of new emerging social order is highlighted in PTV's general programming focusing directly and indirectly on the themes like morality, civic or national responsibilities, drive against narcotics, environmental pollution, agricultural reforms in discussions, shows, and through anchorpersons in the transmission.
PTV channels are family oriented and the salient features of its policy are as follows: PTV Corporation's broadcasts are family oriented and they carters the need of local audience by showing eastern family programs.
It also acts on social development theory of media, that’s why it shows informative programs about health and social issues.
It also plays a vital role in promoting government propaganda by ignoring ground realities and often display talk shows hosted by pseudo-journalists who invainly try to assure people that "All is well in the 'Land of Pure' ".
It also censors commercials and it holds a very high moral standard as compared to other channels.
It supports government policies on national and international matters.

News Division: Pakistan Television News informs its viewers across the country on the latest newsworthy happenings on the national and international levels. During the past few years, there has been rapid expansion in the area and scope of news coverage.

• Following the Pakistani private news channels, PTV News gives on-camera reporting and special news reports.

• PTV news broadcasts stretch over from early morning till midnight. There are news bulletins in Urdu, English, Arabic and Kashmiri languages. All the news bulletins after 6.00 p.m. are being aired on the national network which are also beamed through satellite to more than 38 countries.

• Regional language bulletins include Punjabi from Lahore Centre, Sindhi from Karachi Centre, Pushto and Hindko from Peshawar, and Baluchi, Pushto and Bravi from Quetta Centre are telecasted.

• To bring home maximum coverage of international events, PTV news has made arrangements with Reuters TV, London, to satellite news items to PTV Islamabad round the clock. PTV news covers all visits abroad of VVIPs, international conferences and important other events through its own camera teams and makes possible to air them same night.

• PTV News has also been involved in projecting the right of self-determination of the people of occupied Kashmir and countering Indian propaganda war. PTV visualized several activities of Indian forces and Kashmiris in its weekly programmes, tele-films and news. PTV news has its permanent news bureau at Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir, to cover various events including visiting foreign journalists and foreign delegations. Like international networks, PTV news also sent its camera team to Afghanistan to cover the fighting between different groups and plight of the common man there.

Current Affairs: Current Affairs programmes has been a regular features of PTV Transmission, ever-since its inception. A separate PTV Current Affairs Directorate was however, established in 1982.

Current Affairs programmes, including regional languages, produced by each of the TV Centre are accommodated in regular PTV transmission. The themes of Regional Language programmes mainly revolve around local and provincial matters of current affairs nature. Current Affairs Division also produces programmes on special occasions such as live telecast of Armed Forces Parade on Pakistan Day, Live telecast of Flag Hoisting ceremony on Independence Day, Head of State's Address to the Nation, Documentaries on important national projects, live telecast of certain sessions of Senate and National Assembly. In the programme Open Forum, Federal Ministers/Minister of States are invited to answer the questions through e-mail, on Telephone and by Media/Experts sitting in the various studios of Ptv. This programme is live and is very popular amongst viewers.
Sports Division: PTV Sports Division was created in 1983 to provide healthy entertainment to our viewers. It has emerged as an extremely productive and earning division for the PTV.

• The chief objectives of this division are to arrange healthy sports entertainment through the coverage of exciting moments and happening in the field of sports and to keep the viewers abreast with the National and International sports event.

• Presently Sports Division is producing 200 minutes regular weekly transmission on PTV apart from occasional International / National sports coverage. PTV also televises live national and international sports around the world, keeping in view the interest of Pakistani viewers.

International Relations: I R Division of participates in the International Television Festivals/Competitions held in different countries by sending best PTV-Programmes. PTV has won distinguished prizes and commendations.

A large number of programmes have been sold for telecast in different counties which resulted strength of the financial condition of PTV. M/s Shalimar Recording and Broadcasting Company and M/s Sports Star International are the major distributor of PTV programmes.
A lot of PTV plays and documentaries have been provided to foreign countries through Ministries and our missions abroad on gratis basis for the projection of Pakistan and its people.

Dubbing and editing is carrying out by I.R.Division. Some selected programmes are sub-titled in English and Arabic Languages for overseas projection especially for Muslim countries. Documentaries of National Geographic are being televised with Urdu dubbing. A series of animated imported programme "Treasure Island "is being dubbed in Urdu language for telecast. PTV has recently provided the satellite facilities to foreign agencies with regard to nuclear tests and earned approx.US$:04/- LAC.

PTV has procured foreign canned programmes on hire/rental basis. PTV procures foreign programmes including feature films, cartoons, science fiction, comedy, adventure, classic drama serials/series and general programmes.

PTV Film Censor Board: PTV Censor Board was formed in 1968 headed by Director Programmes Administration. It was separately instituted within PTV on the approval of Secretary Ministry of I&MD in December 1980 to clear and certify bulk of imported and locally acquired programmes with speed and efficiency. Consultant News/Current Affairs/Presentation presently heads the Board.
Engineering: The Engineering Division takes care of the day to day operations and maintenance of PTV Centres and Rebroadcast Stations, new projects, Planning & Procurement, as well as research and Development activities.

PTV started its services on 26 November 1964 with two small stations at Lahore and Dhaka (Former East Pakistan). Over the years the system has grown into a Countrywide network offering two programmes channels.

• 1964 Television service in monochrome started.
• 1967 Two production studios added at Rawalpindi & Karachi.
• 1973 National Microwave Network commissioned linking TV centres..
• 1974 Quetta/Peshawar centres commissioned.
• 1976 Colour transmission started.
• 1987 Federal TV centre at Islamabad commissioned.
• 1992 Second TV Channel (PTV 2) for education commissioned. (One TV station at Islamabad & 16 rebroadcast stations).
• 1996 Local area transmission from four (4) stations started and extended to 3 more stations.
• 1998 Transmission of PTV World programmes started.
• 1998 Upto 6 production centres (Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar, Islamabad-I & Islamabad-II). 35 rebroadcast stations in operation for PTV-1. 16 rebroadcast stations in operation for PTV-2.
• PTV-1 - Area covered: 38%; Population covered: 86.48 %
• PTV-2 - Area covered: 24.19%; Population covered: 55.83 %

Training Academy: Established in 1987 Pakistan Television Academy is an apex TV institution in Pakistan, which imparts professional training in various disciplines of television broadcast technology. Headed by a full time Director, and assisted by a team of television professionals who are members of the academic faculty.

Till June 1998, over 3100 persons have attended training programmes conducted by PTV Academy. These participants attended training courses in Engineering, Computer, Finance, Administration, News, Current Affairs and Programmes Production. They also include visiting participants from other countries including SAARC members.
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sdNews One

Launched: November 25, 2007
Owned by: Airwaves Media
Slogan: Sach Ki Lagan
Country: Pakistan
Headquarters: Karachi
Availability: Satellite, AsiaSat 3S (Asia)

News One is 24-hour Pakistani news channel, started its transmissions from November 25, 2007. Headquartered in Karachi, it is a sister channel of well-known entertainment television channel, TV One. Both the channels are owned by Airwaves Media, a communications company led by media guru, Taher A. Khan, who is the pioneer of private television channels in Pakistan and presently heading more than fifteen companies in the field of advertisement, media and productions. Nasira Zuberi, former Director News and Current Affairs of Aaj Tv, is heading the project of News One since its inception in October 2006. Dr. Huma Baqai, Qudsia Qadri, Khalida Ghaus, Shafiq Awan, Zaid Hussain, Faisal Rehman Malik and Iqbal Hussain are some of the faces, hosting the news and current affair shows at News One.
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dAl Jazeera Urdu

Al Jazeera Urdu is a forthcoming channel from Al Jazeera. An Urdu language version catering mainly to Pakistan. It is offered as part of the ARY Digital Network.

Other products from Al Jazeera also include an English-language channel, Al Jazeera English and a channel specializing in documentaries. Al Jazeera is said to be considering launching music television channels or an international newspaper. top back

sdPTV Global

Type: cable news television network
Branding: PTV Global
Country: Pakistan
Availability: Pakistan, United States, United Kingdom and Middle East
Owner: Government of Pakistan

PTV Global is a TV channel broadcasted by Pakistan Television Corporation and also offered in Europe and United States. Its broadcasts select programming from PTV National, PTV News and other PTV-run networks. On air since April 2006, PTV Global is available via Dish Network in the US, while it transmits free-to-air on Sky Digital (UK & Ireland) / Eurobird 1 in Europe. top back

AVT Khyber

Type: Satellite television network
Country: Pakistan
Availability: Asia, Middle East, Europe, Australia
Owner: Kamran Hamid Raja
Key people: Hamid Shamshad GM P&D and Programs, Nafees Kamal GM Technical, Muhammad Zubair Presentation Manager, Asim qureshi Station Manager Islamabad, Saqib Butt Presentation Incharge
Launch date: July 2004

AVT Khyber or Khyber TV is a satellite television station in Pakistan, which was launched in July 2004. The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day, providing educational, news, variety of shows, dramas, and entertaining programs to the Pashtun population of Pakistan and Afghanistan as well as those living in the Middle East, Europe, and Australia. Unlike most TV stations in Pakistan, AVT programs are only in Pashto language.

The main office of AVT Khyber is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. It also has smaller regional offices in the cities of Peshawar and Quetta in Pakistan as well as in Jalalabad, Kabul and Kandahar in Afghanistan.

Frequency Information: INTELSAT-10 at 68.5°E (Formerly PANAMSAT-10) Downlink Frequency: 3803 MHz Polarity: Horizontal FEC: 3/4 Symbol Rate: 5100. top back

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